Celine Apollon

Céline Apollon, MCP is Graphic Design & Videography Lead with the MSP. Céline is a researcher, urban planner and designer by trade, and a self-taught filmmaker. All of Céline’s work is driven by her passion to use her creativity to help lift up the voices of marginalized communities around the world, to stimulate change. Since 2022, she has served as Senior Research Partner on the Aspen Institute’s Women in the Economy initiative. Céline recently co-directed an award-winning video entitled “as a WHOLE” for the Environmental Protection Agency, on environmental injustice. She currently lives in Brazzaville, Congo, and is working on a documentary that highlights the role, importance and daily struggle of Bantu mothers as they advocate for improved caregiving infrastructure for working mothers in Congo. Additionally, after observing the lack of investment, male-dominated leadership, and minimal economic stability for creatives, Céline initiated a feminist creative movement called TANGU which aims to increase global visibility and economic opportunity for artists in the Congo. TANGU is collaborating with local creatives and associations in Brazzaville, as well as international creative communities in India and Kenya.  

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