The Men's Story Project Participants

There are many ways to connect with the Men’s Story Project!

They include hosting an MSP film screening, hosting a presentation or workshop on the MSP and healthy masculinities, and creating new local MSP productions. These options are described below, and programs are all tailorable to meet your needs. Fees are sliding scale. Dr. Lehrer also serves as a consultant and speaker on related topics.

Host a Film Screening

The Men’s Story Project has made two documentaries which show diverse men sharing bold, personal stories with live audiences. They can be used for film screening/dialogue events, and are also a great way to introduce folks to the idea of creating a new MSP production.

Presentations & Workshops

Dr. Lehrer gives presentations and workshops on the MSP and engaging men for gender justice, in the U.S. and abroad. Formats include:

  • Keynotes and lectures on masculinities, health and social justice
  • MSP film screenings & facilitated group dialogue
  • Interactive workshops
  • Creative workshops
  • Learn more

Create a new Men’s Story Project production

For groups interested in creating new campus or community MSP productions, two resource options are available: the MSP Training Package, and the MSP License Package. Costs are sliding scale; please contact Dr. Lehrer to discuss.

MSP Training Package

This package includes:

  • An in-person campus or community MSP presentation by Dr. Lehrer
  • A day-long MSP training the next day for the local MSP production team
  • Two copies of the MSP Training Guide + MSP license
  • DVDs of the two MSP films + public screening rights
  • 20 coaching hours with Dr. Lehrer as groups progress with their work

The 50-page, step-by-step MSP Training Guide discusses the MSP mission, research background and educational approach; shares best practices in true storytelling for social change; provides guidance on how to create powerful MSP productions and related campus/community activities; discusses working with men who have perpetrated violence; and addresses legal/ethical issues. It provides the MSP logo and editable templates for a Call for Submissions, audience and presenter feedback forms, and press release.

The MSP License is a legal document that lets groups use the MSP name and share their work on the MSP website, MSP YouTube channel and other social media platforms. It provides guidelines on ethics, legality, and safety, and includes a Presenter Release form – a legal document for MSP presenters to sign that addresses media permission and liability issues that can arise when men publicly share personal stories on crime and other sensitive topics.

MSP License Package

As a lower-cost option, this package includes all of the items in the Training Package except for the in-person presentation and training.

Consulting with Dr. Lehrer

In addition to the above offerings focused on the MSP, Dr. Lehrer serves as a consultant, speaker, and facilitator on research, program, policy, and media initiatives focused on healthy masculinities, sexual assault/harassment and other gender-based violence, empowerment of women and girls, gender equality, and related topics. Her current clients include UN Women and the Zirkova #MeToo Safer Spaces Program. Please contact Dr. Lehrer to discuss potential engagements.