Film Description:

Spanish with English subtitles. Produced and directed by Jocelyn Lehrer, Sc.D.  ©2013, 107 min.

Filmed live at a popular theater in Santiago, Chile, this documentary highlights diverse Chilean men – celebrities, community leaders, and first-time presenters – sharing candid, personal stories with a public audience.

The presenters' stories explore social ideas about masculinity and gender relations, and their links with family relationships; substance abuse; bullying; men’s evolving social roles; domestic violence; homosexuality and the Church; transgender identity and LGBTQ+ rights; HIV/AIDS; fatherhood in the context of divorce; manual labor and classism; physical disability and self-actualization; gratitude to mentors; and the healing power of self-acceptance, community, and love. Mediums include prose, stand-up comedy, dance, photography, and video.

The presenters include Coco Legrand – Chile’s most popular comic; Pedro Sánchez Melivilo, a leader of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche community; and Andrés Rivera Duarte, the first man to legally change sex in Chile.

Educational goals of the production were developed via consultations in Santiago with advocates, researchers, health care providers, and health educators. Educators can show the full film or select from 13 stand-alone pieces, including a 7-min director introduction.