Fernando Bolaños-Ceballos

Fernando Bolaños-Ceballos, Ph.D. is a Group Facilitator with the MSP. He has 20 years of experience facilitating programs with men to prevent intimate partner violence. He is a Chilango psychologist based in Mexico City, and holds a master’s in Women’s Studies and a doctorate in Public Health from the Metropolitan Autonomous University.  Fernando is a full-time researcher at the Hidalgo State Autonomous University (UAEH) and coordinates the Rutas intervention program. Fernando studies the role of men in domestic violence, their mental health, and intervention methodologies. He has published scientific journal articles and book chapters, and is Editor-in-chief of the online scientific publication Divulgare. Fernando is also a Mindfulness Instructor certified by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Fernando is a member of the Mexican Academy of Male Gender Studies, the MenEngage Alliance (Mexico chapter), and the National System of Researchers of Mexico’s National Council of Humanities, Science and Technology. His awards include the Medal of University Merit for the qualifications of his Masters studies, a “Recognition of effort and dedication at work” by the Human Rights National Council, and the 2018 Recognition for Researchers for his outstanding work at the UAEH.

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