St Louis University 2019

The second annual MSP production at Saint Louis University took place in March 2019! Check out the presenters’ bios in the event program, and see their filmed stories on the SLU 2019 YouTube playlist.

Presenters: Joel Antony, Nate Buchholz, James Carroll, Jermar Perry, Hayden Peterson, Tiger Rahman, Max Rigano, Martell Stepney, Bobby “Phree” Williams, Jr.

Directed and produced by James Meinert

Audio/DJ provided by Darian Wigfall of FarFetched

Videography: Luxstar Studios

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Thanks to all the community partners and volunteers that came out and made these events possible!

St Louis University 2019

Here’s some of the audience feedback:  

“Fantastic. Opened my eyes to the healing process and allowed me to see the steps others have taken towards healing. I found a connection between myself and the stories told that resonated with my past actions.” -Male community member

“It was fulfilling to see men take accountability for their actions and be vulnerable. I appreciate this project because it is giving men… a space to share their experiences and be vulnerable and open the door for more conversation.” -Female student

“[It was] wonderful, moving, powerful… [I gained] feeling like I am a part of a community… It was so consoling and comforting, such a gift and privilege to hear these men be vulnerable and share their stories, and to know that I’m… part of a community of men working to “change the narrative.” I’m excited to have the privilege/opportunity to do it next year… It is easy to hide behind the “good” I already do and feel like “I’m done,” but hearing these stories helped me reflect and grow in awareness of where I still need to grow.” -Male graduate student

“Admiration. Respect is what I feel. As a man, some of these stories spoke to some of my own realities. [I learned] to listen without judgement, to see people – like actually see them – and also have an opportunity to look at my own self.” -Male community member

“Excellent! So grateful for all the men and stories shared. Everyone has an important story that they are nervous, scared, or ashamed to tell, but telling our stories actually heals and builds authentic community.” -Female community member

“It was super diverse in experience and people without being tokenism. It was good to hear men’s stories and how they experience toxic masculinity…I really liked the emotional vulnerability the men showed. I also like that the focus was on keeping not only themselves but the men around them accountable.” -Female student

“Authentic, had depth and diversity. Having men own past toxicity and call for accountability was rare and powerful for me to hear as a woman.” -Female community member

“Awesome. Touching. Spaces for men to be honest and real with each other is impactful for them and those who get to see/hear them together. Authentic, personal stories. I feel more confident to stand up against actions that dehumanize women and men.” -Male student

See all of the written audience feedback.

St Louis University 2019

Campus co-sponsors: SGA Wellness Committee, SLU Wellness, UNA, Rainbow  Alliance, Resident Hall Association, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, SLU Campus Ministry, Cross Cultural Center,  Women’s and Gender Studies Department, and  Safe Connections Young Professionals

Co-sponsoring organization: Safe Connections

St Louis University 2019