Apollo Harris video     Joseph King video

The University of Alabama created a powerful online Men’s Story Project production in October 2020, sponsored by the UA Women and Gender Resource Center. The event was introduced by Allison Kumar, Morion Siler and Dr. Ruperto “Toti” Perez, and facilitated by Allison Kumar.


“A Black Boy Cried that Night” – Apollo Harris

“Dismissing Negative Societal Expectations of Masculinity of Black Men” – Joseph King

“Acceptance” and performance of “Lose to Win”- J (Olivia Giselle TaRajae)  


Apollo Harris is an Area Coordinator at the University of Alabama. He earned his BA in Communication Studies at UA, and his MA in Higher Education from Rowan University. His story is entitled “A Black Boy Cried That Night.”

Joseph King is a junior at the University of Alabama. His piece challenges and dismisses stereotypes and negative notions of black masculinity.

J identifies as gender nonconforming (pronouns he/she/they). Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, J is a senior majoring in African American Studies and minoring in Theatre. J is the founder of a Black-Owned Business called “I AM.” The motto “Built for You, To Encourage You, Will Strengthen You” sums up the whole brand. J also has his own YouTube Channel, called J Loves Television, which speaks on current political issues, the entertainment industry and self-motivation. A daily quote that J lives by is “I will walk by Faith even when I cannot see.” J shares his piece where he goes by the name Olivia Giselle TaRajae.


Bobby Imbody (UA Instructor), Jackson Harris (Ass. Director, UA Crossroads), Morion Siler (Coordinator of Student Services, UA School of Social Work),  Dr. Ruperto “Toti” Perez (Associate Vice President for Student Health & Well-being)