Warm congratulations to Alex Plum for his receipt of the 2015 Emory University Humanitarian Award! Alex directed the Emory Men’s Story Project production in Spring 2015 while completing his master’s degree at the Rollins School of Public Health.  Here is the award description:

“The Humanitarian Award was created to recognize students who have qualities of honesty, integrity, courage and responsibility which are fundamental to effective leadership.  The criteria used to determine the recipients are as follows:

•  Consistent living of one’s own life with honesty, integrity, responsibility and a sense of the welfare of the community
•  Special acts of courage benefiting others
•  Unusual commitment of time and energy in service to others
•  Special gifts of friendship

Alexander Plum is the 2015 Emory University Humanitarian Award recipient for his work addressing health disparities globally and at home among adolescent populations, specifically young men.  Alex continues that work today at Emory through his collaborative leadership with the Men’s Story Project, where men from Emory came together to tell their own stories about growing into healthy masculinities.”