A live MSP production, entitled Historias de Hombres – ¡En Voz Alta! (The Men’s Story Project: Out Loud!) debuted in Santiago, Chile in August 2010. To order the documentary film of the production, click here. The accompanying discussion guide can be downloaded here.

The groundbreaking live production and film highlight diverse Chilean men – celebrities, community leaders, and men who had never spoken publicly – sharing personal stories with a live audience at a popular theater in Santiago. The stories critically explore social ideas about masculinity and gender relations, and links with key health and justice issues.

Film Trailer and Clips

With unusual public candor, the stories address topics including family relationships; fatherhood in the context of divorce; breaking the cycle of domestic violence; substance abuse; bullying; aging; homosexuality and the Church; transgender identity and LGBT rights; living with HIV/AIDS; men’s evolving social roles; poverty, manual labor and classism; physical disability and self-actualization; and the healing power of self-acceptance, community and love. The presenters include Coco Legrand – Chile’s most popular comic, who hosted the event in his theater; Pedro Sánchez Melivilo – a leader of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche community; and Andrés Rivera Duarte – founder of Transsexuals for Dignity in Diversity and the first transgender man to legally change sex in Chile. Mediums include prose, comedy, dance, photography and video.

Educational goals of the production were developed via interviews with researchers, health care providers and health educators regarding links of masculinities with key health and justice challenges in the country. Sponsored by Amnesty International, CulturaSaludFoundation for Popular Education in HealthVivoPositivoMetropolitan University for Education Science, Transsexuals for Dignity in Diversity, Foundation for Popular Education, Circus OK, and PRANAS Chile.

Funding was provided by the UC-San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, Knowledge = Freedom Foundation, the Soup Community, and private donors.