Hurray for the amazing University of Oregon Men’s Center, which will be creating an MSP production in Fall 2014! Dr. Lehrer gave an evening talk and daylong MSP training at U. of Oregon. Here’s some feedback:

“I live in a fraternity house of 36, 18-22 year-old men. I wish each of us shared with each other like those in the Men’s Story Project.” –U. of O. student
“More people need to be exposed to this; it has great value to all people and breaking the paradigms people hold onto that put others or themselves in pain. Thank you for doing all this!” –U. of O. student
“Love that your presentations and MSP is deeply rooted in research and empirical evidence as well as emotional response! Can’t wait to participate this year, but REALLY can’t wait for the years of MSP at UO in the years to come.” –Keith Frazee, Assistant Director of Orientation Programs
“As someone working in preventing sexual violence on campus and often feeling hopeless, this idea jazzes me and I am just so excited that it will be happening here…Kudos and thank you.” –U. of O. student