SLU Group PhotoThanks to all who came out for this production, and to everyone who supported us along the way!

The SLU Men’s Story Project presenters included Jermar Perry, Dash Chavez, Andy Prescott, Antajuan Adams, Evan, Justin, Jack, Sergio Domínguez, Jr., Darian Wigfall, Tim, Rubén Rosario Rodríguez, and Hamid Bashir. The production was directed by James Meinert.

To read the storytellers’ bios, check out the event program, here.

To see the videos, check out the SLU video playlist on the MSP Youtube Channel.

Production co-sponsors: SGA Wellness Committee, Resident Hall Association, Women’s and Gender Studies Department

All donations from the events went to Safe Connections, which works to end relationship violence and sexual assault. They do this through their 24 hour crisis help line (314.531.2003), counseling and therapy services, and prevention education in the community.

Hear a St. Louis public radio interview about the MSP production

Here’s the SLU Men’s Story Project FB event page.


SLU flyer“Elegant in its simplicity. Revolutionary by its honesty.” (male community member)

“I think the production was not only beneficial but crucial in the current climate of the times. Also, very much appreciated the diversity presented.” (male community member)

“I really appreciated the level of vulnerability & authenticity that was achieved in the production.” (non-binary community member)

“Excellent! Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” (female faculty member)

“Great work and great format. It was powerful to hear so many deeply personal stories from such a varied group of men.” (male community member)

“I learned to stay on the track that I’m on for self-improvement and social change. I am not alone in the way I feel and think.” (male community member)

“I gained a new perspective of masculinity from hearing these stories. Specifically a desire to change some of the aspects of my own behavior.” (male community member)

“I learned the difference to have healthy and unhealthy touch.” (female student)

“I think I really just appreciated the realness of it all & the willingness to change. I’ll now be better able to both confront & comfort my male friends.” (non-binary student)

“It stirred a lot of emotion in me and I identified with most of the stories, the masculine identity crisis, and the need to be myself and initiate a change for myself and other men.” (male community number)

“It did a great job of showing different aspects of masculinity & how different identities intersect with masculinity.” (non-binary student)

St Louis University“I’ve never actually heard men speak about their experiences like this, so it was very helpful for me to be able to hear these stories presented. It made everything seem so much more real.” (female student)

“I felt very humbled and honored to hear these stories… I found myself wondering how I would tell my own story, and this is an insight I would not have come to earlier.” (male student)

“I think it does a great job introducing people to the idea of toxic masculinity. I love that it is men from the local community.” (female student)

“I learned more about the vast spectrum of experiences of men, and it encourages me to be more vulnerable.” (male community member)

“Learned that I am not alone in challenging masculine norms.” (male community member)

“Gave me hope to one day share my story.” (male community member)

“Please, continue sharing your stories publicly because it changes peoples’ lives.” (male student)

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